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Members of the LNS and international visitors during October 6-7, 2006, O-TPC collaboration meeting at Avery Point. From left to right: Delbar, Weller, France, Weintraub, McDonald, BrombergerGai, Ahmed, Tittelmeier, Dangendorf and (Emily) Kading at the top.


Director, Principal Investigator

List of People
Moshe Gai profile pictureMoshe GaiProfessor of Physics‑2458

Assistant Research Professor

List of People
Robin SmithAssistant Research Professor

Graduate Students

List of People
Kristian HaversonGraduate Student
Deran Schweitzer profile pictureDeran SchweitzerGraduate Assistant‑9267
Sarah Stern profile pictureSarah SternGraduate Assistant‑9267

Former Members

Former Members PhDs

List of People
Ralph France IIINow: Chair Dept. of Physics, Georgia College and State University
Leonid Weissman profile pictureLeonid WeissmanNow: Head of accelerator operation, Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility (SARAF), Israel
Steven NelsonNow: Assistant Professor, High Temperature Teaching & Test Reactor, University of Texas
Pil-Neyo SeoNow: Post Doc, TUNL at Duke University
David KendellenNow: TUNL, Duke University

Former Graduate Students

List of People
Emily Kading profile pictureEmily KadingNow: San Diego, CA
Nicholas Destefano profile pictureNicholas DestefanoNow: Mitre, Bedford MA
James McDonaldNow: Associate Dean, University of Hartford
Edward Wilds, Jr profile pictureEdward Wilds, Jr.Now: Director, Division of Radiation, Dept. of Environmental Protection, Nevada

Former Undergraduate Students

List of People
Donny Davino profile pictureDonny Davino
Tristan Profile PictureTristan Kading
Charlotte Kading (left) and her sister Emily Kading posing in front of the LiLiT target at the SARAF, March 2014.Charlotte Kading
Alexander Young profile pictureAlexander Young
Benjamin Cowley
Susini DeSilva
Willythssa Pierre-Louis
Daniel Rubin
Taritree Wongjirad