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Calibration of the Uconn O-TPC Detector
 - Alexander H Young, Tristan Kading, Moshe Gai,
    Volker Dangendorf, Kai Tittelmeier
, Mohammad W Ahmed, Henry R Weller

Professor Gai's Colloquium, TUNL at Duke University, 12July07

Progress Report (2010-2012)

Progress Report (2005-2006)

Test of the Optical Readout of the UConn TPC Detector
 - Tristan Kading, Moshe Gai, Benjamin Bromberger,
    Volker Dangendorf, Kai Tittelmeier
Procedure for Making Thin Nickel Foils
 - Tristan Kading and Moshe Gai





Photo Gallery


Transporting the O-TPC Detector to Duke University
- A slide show

Construction of the LNS
 - A slide show




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