Etching Copper off Nickel

After mounting the target on a frame (e.g. epoxy) prepare the target for etching by dipping it in trichloroethylene - UN1710, a degreaser. Next prepare the solution:

75 mL of 23% Ammonium Hydroxide - UN2672 (NH4OH)
25 mL 50% H2O2.

Dip the foil in the solution and a blue discoloration will immediately appear, see picture. Remove after bubbling has ceased. If the solution bubbles over, use less hydrogen peroxide. Dip the foil again in trichloroethylene .

1.0 MeV Protons Backscattered (165 degrees) off the nickel foil.

Tristan and Moshe discussing the procedure for etching Copper off of Nickel.

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Last Updated: 11 November 2006