Removing Acrylic Backing from Goodfellow Thin Nickel Foils

  1. Determine which side the acrylic is on (by for example measuring the resistance between two corners of the sample).
  2. Mount the foil by gluing the nickel side to the frame using Araldite AY103 (x5) mixed with Araldite hardener AY956 (x1).
  3. Dip the foil in Acetone. You will see immediately a "stream" of acrylic pouring down. The acrylic from the Goodfellow foil was found to dissolved in two hours. The Araldite in contrast will not dissolve in the Acetone and will last for as long as seven hours without detaching the foil.
  4. Remove the foil and visually inspect for remnants of the acrylic backing. If the target appears to have acrylic residue remaining on it, then prepare a fresh acetone bath and repeatedly dip till the discoloration disappear, see attached picture of the so prepared foil.

The prepared nickel target (220 mg/cm2)

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Last Updated: 15 December 2006