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Born: 8/18/49, Baghdad, Iraq, Nationality:  USA/Israel, Married: (Helen Hart-Gai), +2



1987-present   University of Connecticut:

                        Professor, 1994-

                        Visiting Professor, 1987-1994,


1980-present   Yale University:

                        Adjunct Professor, 1995-

                        Research Affiliate, 1994,

                        Associate Professor, 1989-1994,

                        Assistant Professor, 1984-1989,

                        Lecturer and Associate Research Physicist, 1982-1984,

                        Research Staff Physicist, 1980-1982 (Post Doctorate Advisor: D.A. Bromley).



1974-1980       SUNY at Stony Brook:

                        Ph.D., Nuclear Physics, Feb. 1980, M.Sc., Nuclear Physics, 1976.

                        Ph.D. Advisor - Prof. P. Braun Munzinger (also worked with Prof. A. Arima)


1970-1974       Hebrew University of Jerusalem:

                        B.Sc. Double major: Math and Physics, graduated with honors.


1967-1970       Israeli Defense Force:

                        Lieutenant in special combat patrol unit.



1972,1973       Two awards, Hebrew University.

1974                The Hebrew Technical Institute, New York City.

1994                "1994 Dissertation award" to my student Dr. Z. Zhao, DNP/APS.

1995                Invited Eminent Professor Award, RIKEN, Japan.

1996                Best paper award, 1996, Japan Phys. Soc. [Jour. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 65(1996)1256].

1998                Fellow, American Physical Society



American Physical Society.  American Association for the Advancement of Science.  The Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences.  The New York Academy of the Arts and Sciences.  Sigma Xi, Yale Chapter.  Sigma Pi Sigma, UConn Chapter.



Reviewer:  NSF, USDOE, US-Israel Binational Science, U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), Physical Review, Physical Review Letters, European Physical Journal, Canadian Journal of Physics. Committees: program committee, Division of Nuclear Physics, APS, 1984-86.  Chair, Organizing Committee, Baryons92, Yale University, 1-5 June, 1992. .  Int. Advisory Comm., Oaxtepec School, Mexico, 1999; Erice School, Italy, 2000, Wigner 8 Symposium, Group Theory 2005 conference.  External Review Committe, CUNY, 1998. Nominated for Chair, NES/APS, 1999, Nominating Committee, NES/APS, 2000.



2000, Nov., Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, Invited Lecturer. 1999, Aug, Guanjuato, Mexico, Invited Lecturer.  1998, Nov-Dec., Louvain-La-Neuve, Invited Lecturer.  1996, July, November, GSI, Darmstadt, collaboration.1995, Nov-Dec., RIKEN, Invited Eminent Professor.  1994, August, RIKEN, Tokyo, Collaboration.  1993, November, Louvain-La-Neuve, Invited Lecturer.  1993, August, Seol, Korea, Invited Lecturer.  1993, September, Tinajin, China, Invited Lecturer.  1992, July, MSU E. Lansing, Collaboration.  1992, April, RIKEN, Japan, Collaboration.  1990, April, AGS-Brookhaven, test beam line.  1989, November, Weizmann Institute, Israel, Guest Scientist.  1989, August, TANDAR, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Guest Scientist.  1988, August, University of CT, Storrs, Collaboration.  1988, March, MIT-Bates Linear Accelerator, Collaboration.  1987, June, MSU, E. Lansing, Michigan, Collaboration.  1986, September, Daresbury, England, Collaboration.  1985, May, Legnaro, Italy, Collaboration.  1984, August, RIKEN, Tokyo, Guest Scien., May, GSI, Germany, Collaboration.  1982, August, Weizmann Institute, Israel, Collaboration.


                        1977-present, Brookhaven National Laboratory.

                        1988-present, Bates Linear Accelerator- MIT.

                        1988-present, Jefferson Lab (CEBAF).

                        1994-present, Argonne National Laboratory.

                        1995-present, Oak Ridge National Lab.



1994-present   University of Connecticut: Physics Introductory Course.  Independent studies in theory of stellar evolution and the standard solar model.  Research Advisor for Graduate Students. Research Advisor for Undergraduate Students.


1980-1994       Yale University: Nuclear physics, Laboratory and Graduate Lectures. General introductory course to undergraduate students.  Research Advisor for Graduate Students. Research Advisor for Undergraduate Students.


1974-1980       SUNY at Stony Brook: Teaching Assistant.



1994-present   University of Connecticut:  Experimental Nuclear Physics; measurements in nuclear astrophysics with radioactive beams, reaction rates crucial for the standard solar model, stellar evolution, helium burning, and progenitor supernova.  measurements at intermediate energies, structure of baryons and QCD.    Applied research on the production of radioisotopes, landmine detection and interstelar propulsion.  Director, Laboratory for Nuclear Science.


1980-present   Yale University: Experimental Nuclear physics; Neutron, Gamma and Charged particle spectroscopy, Scintillating Fibers and Electromagnetic Shower Counters.  Precision experiments in Nuclear Astrophysics, Fundamental Symmetries in Nuclei, Parity Violation.  Theoretical and experimental work on Broken Reflection Symmetry and Generalized Seniority.  Study of Structure of Baryons.


1974-1980       SUNY, Stony Brook: Experimental Nuclear Physics, Gamma ray and Particle Spectroscopy, HI Scattering Resonances.  Theoretical nuclear physics-Generalized Seniority.  Worked with Professor Peter Braun-Munzinger (thesis advisor) and Professor Akito Arima (theory).




Moshe Gai


August 1967   Drafted, volunteered to serve in commando patrol unit.


May 1969        Graduated from Officer's School, and School of Specialized Training in Navigation, Paratrooper and Desert Survival Skills.


March 1970     A commander of a patrol unit in the Suez Canal, rank Lieutenant.  Experienced a direct hit from an Egyptian tank, critically wounded, suffered neck and shoulder injuries,  severed nerves.  Partially paralyzed left side (approximately two years).


May 1970        Honorably discharged from the Israeli Defense Force.


1972-1973       While a student, served on several cultural-social exchange programs of the Israeli Defense Force, including visitation of Europe.


October 1973  While partially paralyzed in left arm, volunteered to serve as a liaison officer in the second (reserve) commanding bunker of the Suez Canal Zone during the"October War".  Liaison officer for General (later Prime Minister) Yitzhak Rabin, in reserve commanding bunker of the "October war".