Curriculum Vitae.





                                                               Leo Weissman

                                                               Laboratory for Nuclear Science

                                                               1084 Shennecossett Rd, Groton, CT-06340                  

                                                                ph: (860) 405 9267

                                                               fax: (517) 405 9075

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Personal data:


Name :                                      Leo Weissman

Place of Birth:                          Alma-Ata, Kazakstan

Nationality:                              Israeli

Date of Immigration:                21.12.90

Marital Status:                          Married, one child

Current Home Address:           282 Meridian 4, Groton, CT 06340
















Education and Work Experience:



1983-1990:               Bachelor of  Science,  Novosibirsk University

                                   Diploma practice in the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics

                                   Diploma title: BGO endcup calorimeter for CMD-2 detector.


1991-1992:               Master of  Science at the Weizmann Institute of Science

   Scientific supervisor: Prof. M. Hass.

   Thesis: Magnetic moments of high-spin states in Hf isotopes.


1993-1997:               Ph.D at the  Weizmann Institute of Science

    Scientific supervisor : Prof. M. Hass.

                                    Thesis:   Magnetic moment of superdeformed bands in 194 Hg.


1998-1999 :              Postdoctorate associate

                                    IKS, KU- Leuven, Belgium

                                    Scientific promoters Prof. P. VanDuppen and Prof. M. Huyse


2000-2001:               CERN fellow

                                     ISOLDE, CERN

                                     ISOLDE physics group leader Prof. J. Aysto


2002-2005:             Visiting Assistant Professor

                                     NSCL, MSU


2005-present            Assistant Professor at Residence

                                     University of Connecticut at Avery Point




   Teaching Experience:



1993-1997:               Assistant in a practical course of experimental nuclear physics.



1998-1999:               Delivered a course for undergraduate students:

                                 ‘Selective chapters of experimental nuclear physics’                                

                                  Supervised work of PhD students


 2000-2002:               Supervised work of CERN summer students


  2003 :                        Assistant in lectures, récitation sessions, substitute lectures


 2005-present :             Running undergraduate  labs,   lectures










    Russian:                  Fluent

    English:                   Fluent

    Hebrew:                Fluent

    French:                  Fair



     Scientific interests:


    Development of radiation detectors,

    Nuclear magnetic moments, hyperfine interactions,

    Polarisation of radioactive beams,

    In-trap conversion electron spectroscopy,

    Cross-sections of astrophysically important  nuclear reactions,  meteorite isotopic anomalies,

    Lasers ion-sources, gas-cell ion source,

    Nuclear decay spectroscopy

    He-implanted solid targets for experiment with radioactive beams,

    Low-intensity beam diagnostics for radioactive beams facilities, secondary electrons,

    Imaging of radioactive sources,

    Utilization of gas stopper at fragmentation facilities,

    Applications of nuclear physics in solid state physics, material science and medicine.


      Professional skills :


   More 15 years of work in nuclear physics laboratory environment

   Design and implementation of various experiments

   Radiation detectors, electronics, data acquisition

   Experience with electron and x-ray spectroscopy

   Vacuum equipment

   Gas handling systems

   Basic mechanical design

   Basic cryogenics

   Computer skills and basic programming

   Development of algorithms, mathematical and statistical skills, sophisticated data analysis

   Experience with charge particle accelerators, beam optics, beam diagnostic systems

   Scientific writing, writing of grant applications and proposals, oral and poster presentations

   Teaching and training experience  

   Experience of working in small and large international teams

   Radiation Safety