Alexander H. Young

I am a 7th semester physics major with a mathematics minor. I live in the small town of Ivoryton, CT and attend UConn at Storrs. I am planning on attending grad school (hopefully somewhere on the west coast) with a focus in astrophysics. I am currently assisting Dr. Gai in the calibration and performance testing of an Optical Readout Time Projection Chamber (O-TPC). I recently travelled to Duke University for a separate project which involved implanting Ni foils with He-3. I will be attending the CEU conference in October and I'm hoping to continue research during my final year of undergraduate study.

I enjoy any and all outdoor activites including kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, and most recently sailing. I play the Bass Guitar, Alto Saxophone and Tenor Saxophone. I enjoy jazz and rock music and have played with a group at Toad's Place and the Webster Theater on numerous occasions.

LNS at Avery Point
University of Connecticut
1084 Shennecossett Rd.
Groton, CT 06340-6097
Phone Numbers:

LNS - (860)405-9267

Mobile - (860)575-3857